tips, tipping, tipped
1) N-COUNT: oft N of n The tip of something long and narrow is the end of it.

The sleeves covered his hands to the tips of his fingers...

She poked and shifted things with the tip of her walking stick...

Hurricane Andrew has passed over the southern tip of Florida.

2) V-ERG If you tip an object or part of your body or if it tips, it moves into a sloping position with one end or side higher than the other.

[V n adv/prep] He leaned away from her, and she had to tip her head back to see him...

A young boy is standing on a stool, reaching for a cookie jar, and the stool is about to tip...

[V-ed] The north pole is slightly tipped towards the sun.

3) VERB If you tip something somewhere, you pour it there.

[V n prep] Tip the vegetables into a bowl...

[V n prep] She took out the plate, stared blankly at the dried-up food on it, and tipped it into the bin...

[V n with adv] Tip away the salt and wipe the pan.

4) VERB To tip rubbish means to get rid of it by leaving it somewhere. [BRIT]

[V n] ...the costs of tipping rubbish in landfills...

How do you stop people tipping?...

[V-ed] We live in a street off Soho Road and there's rubbish tipped everywhere.

(in AM, use dump)
5) N-COUNT A tip is a place where rubbish is left. [BRIT]

Officers had found a large bread knife on the rubbish tip...

I took a load of rubbish and grass cuttings to the tip.

(in AM, use garbage dump)
6) N-COUNT If you describe a place as a tip, you mean it is very untidy. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

The flat is an absolute tip.

7) VERB If you tip someone such as a waiter in a restaurant, you give them some money in order to thank them for their services.

[V n] Do you really think it's customary to tip the waiters?...

[V n amount] She tipped the barmen 10 dollars and bought drinks all round. [Also V]

Derived words:
tipping N-UNCOUNT

A 10 percent service charge is added in lieu of tipping.

8) N-COUNT If you give a tip to someone such as a waiter in a restaurant, you give them some money to thank them for their services.

I gave the barber a tip...

The Head Porter was keeping all the tips.

9) N-COUNT: oft N on/for -ing/n A tip is a useful piece of advice.

It shows how to prepare a CV, and gives tips on applying for jobs.

...tips for busy managers...

A good tip is to buy the most expensive lens you can afford.

10) VERB: usu passive If a person is tipped to do something or is tipped for success at something, experts or journalists believe that they will do that thing or achieve that success. [BRIT]

[be V-ed to-inf] He is tipped to be the country's next foreign minister...

[be V-ed for n] He was widely tipped for success.

11) N-COUNT: oft N for n Someone's tip for a race or competition is their advice on its likely result, especially to someone who wants to bet money on the result.

I've a tip for the races...

United are still my tip for the Title.

12) PHRASE: v-link PHR If you say that a problem is the tip of the iceberg, you mean that it is one small part of a much larger problem.

Unless we're all a lot more careful, the people who have died so far will be just the tip of the iceberg.

13) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR prep If something tips the scales or tips the balance, it gives someone a slight advantage.

Today's slightly shorter race could well help to tip the scales in his favour...

If the trial were evenly poised the newspapers might tip the balance against them.

14) PHRASE: v-link PHR If a comment or question is on the tip of your tongue, you really want to say it or ask it, but you decide not to say it.

It was on the tip of Mahoney's tongue to say the boss was out...

A sarcastic remark was on the tip of her tongue.

Phrasal Verbs:

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